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Welcome to Seasons Memories, a blog full of happiness, sadness, fun, friends, and chocolates. I only wish there were chocolates. 😥

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I am just a person who can make a difference in the world if I tried, just like you fellow reader, and this blog is about my life; school, friends, rants, stories, etc. 

So that’s about it, and to wrap it all up, I wish you have an enjoyable time on Seasons Memories!

seasons come and go but never the memories






Hi, it’s me again, popping in to say hello after 84 years. I’m not dead yet, so don’t worry, just very, very busy with life at the moment.

I think the most drastic change that has happened during my time away is that I cut my hair short at the end of summer. 😛 It was good for summer, but now that winter is approaching I don’t have my hair blanket anymore to keep me warm.

I honestly wanted to blog more since my last post, but then I realized that this school year is not one where I should be distracted since this year I’ll be applying to university. When in the past I was so set on my future, it is now a bit of a jumbled mess of indecisiveness. There is SO much things I want to do now and so many different options open from me, it’s just crazy. O.O

I don’t even know what I want to say anymore, there is just so much. But anyways, I hope you are all doing fine and tell me how your life is going in the comments or tell me how I can contact you if you want to still keep in touch (if anyone in the WP community is still here).

See you later in my next post which will be made God knows when at this point. T-T



Summer Brings Sweat

I have crawled out from the deepest parts of Hell for you to bask in my presence.

(Sorry, that was really bad)

But HEY, I HAVE RETURNED! After months of not posting, I have come back during summer season because summer brings sweat as well as myself (did I compare myself with sweat, yes I did).

But for a short summary of why I took a break on blogging is because of all of these factors: school, my job, extracurricular activities, life, and more school.

It’s been a while though since the last time I posted, almost five months now? Whoa, I just realized how long that was. Aw, now I feel emotional writing this. To be honest, I really missed blogging a lot and I gained a lot of stress because I stopped. 😦

But now I’m back, so I won’t dwell on the past and instead tell you guys all about the past few months. I don’t know where to start, but I guess I’ll begin with the present day, where it’s Ramadan for muslims like myself who are fasting. It’s such a struggle because the day is so long ,and it gets longer. T-T

School isn’t over yet for me, as I have two more weeks left, then exams. I have started slacking on my school work though, but that’s because I am completely and utterly done with studying. I just feel like a slave to the education system. But on top of school, I have a job working at a flower shop. Even though it’s work, I really enjoy my job because the place smells really great all the time with the scent of flowers and my boss is an extremely sweet old lady. 🙂

Oh, I am also in relationship. I have never been in a relationship or even had a crush before, so this was a whole new experience for me. 😛 I was against myself for starting a relationship in high school and I still am (I don’t make sense) but we have gradually gained mutual feelings for each other and I honestly felt okay with it. I don’t know what he sees in me; I’m on the brink of going crazy…

I’ve also gained more interest in music, fashion, and psychology. For music especially, since I’m getting back into the practice of playing the flute and listening to more foreign languages songs.

I have more things to say, but they are more detailed events than general topics. But I want to catch up on what you all have been up to since I’ve missed the blogging community so much! I’ll be on a post reading spree to see what’s up. ^^

I hope you all have a lovely day/evening!


P.S: Can I just say, WordPress has changed a lot, lol.


The End Of 2016

For my annual recap of the year, I’ll be quite honest; 2016 wasn’t the best of years for me. Sure it had great moments and I had made amazing new memories, but 2016 overall wasn’t that good (to me personally). I think many things could have been done differently and it was just a whole tiresome year. It wasn’t terrible exactly, just that it could have been better.

In a few hours, it’s going to be 2017 and hopefully it will be a better year for me. I constantly say this, but I’ll say it once again: time is going by so fast, it’s getting scary. I don’t want time to slip away so easily, so I’m going to cherish each and every moment. 🙂 Why do I sound so sentimental? XP



Risen From The Dead

Finally after my long break away from blogging, I have come back from the dead. My break just started this week, and as I have promised, I can start to post again with my school work out of the way. But wow, it’s been such a long time since I’ve last logged on to WordPress (once again, they changed the formatting..). 😮 I feel like the days went by so fast, but it’s actually been a long time, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re kept busy. Honestly, I have been so stressed this past month it’s not even funny. I am so glad I am on break now and back to you guys and the wonderful WordPress community. 🙂

There is so much I want to share with you all, but I don’t think I can post it all in one post, but I’ll just say a lot has happened for me. I’m also not even home, I’m in British Columbia right now to visit relatives and for my dad’s business/job. I didn’t have any wifi for the past two days, or I would have posted this sooner, like on Christmas. Happy late Christmas to those who celebrate though. ^^

But I want to catch up on what you all have been up to while I was away. I haven’t even checked my blog email, so it’s probably swamped with emails. I want to know what you are up to, so comment down how you are. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what’s happening recently, and expect more posts from me soon!




I really did not want to do this, but I am going on a temporary leave from blogging and WordPress due to my busy life and school work. I feel so stressed and the way things in my life are right now, it’s just way too hectic. I feel like a machine, just receiving orders and then getting them done. I’m so tired with it all, I just want to hibernate for a few months. ;-;

I wish I could keep posting, but the way I have been this past month, I don’t think I’ll be able to post anything until December or when the break comes by.

See you all until then! ❤



Rude Rememberance & Glass Doors

Wow, it’s been a long time since I last posted. But it’s all because school is keeping me so busy. Luckily, November will be over before we know it, and December arrives along with the winter break. So then I’ll be able to have time to post more, and I have lots to share with you all. Also this post might have lots of spelling mistakes because autocorrect isn’t on.

Yesterday was Rememberance Day, and as usual, our school had an assembly for it.  Our assembly schedule is divided into two assemblies for two grades. My grade was paired with freshmens, and our assembly was first. We all went down and after everything was settled, the assembly started.

But the thing is, the freshmen wouldn’t ge quiet and almost talked throughout the entire assembly. They were so rude, that they even clapped after performances when we were not supposed to clap, so that we showed respect. The principal went up to the podium twice during the assembly to tell them all to keep quiet and refrain from clapping, yet they still did it. The only time they ever shut up was during the moment of silence. Honestly, I was so shocked and mad at all of their disrespect. Like, this is Rememberance Day, learn to shut up and show respect. The teachers and even my whole grade was frustrated with their behaviour. Now all the freshmen students got a call home and will be having a presentation given to them about respect. Serves them right. -_-

Moving on from that, I now have a grudge against glass doors. This entire week, I kept on walking into glass windows and doors. I don’t know if my eyesight is going bad or the cleaners are just making glass doors/windows really clean, but I just can’t tell them apart from a door and the scenery. ^^’ I actually defeloped a small bump on my forehead. Seriously, glass windows/doors are so dangerous.



Halloween Dance

I finally have the time to blog and it’s not even that much time anyways. -_- But today is Halloween, so happy Halloween to those who are celebrating it. My friends and I had this plan for all of us to dress up as Disney Princesses, but that idea was ditched last minute because most of us didn’t have the time and effort to get costumes and dress up, so that was a fail. Hopefully next year we could actually get to go ahead with our plan. ^^

But today was pretty busy for me, and I’m extremely tired from school work and as well as dancing for the Halloween Dance we had. Dancing because I joined the dance committee at my school as a stand in for this girl who got her leg injured, who was supposed to be in the performance. The dance committee has a limited amount of people in it, and they were hosting a Halloween school dance, as well as a dance performance from the committee. Without the girl, the dance routine they were going to to do for would not work out. So I volunteered to take her place since my two of my close friends are in it, and I wanted to help them out because they worked so hard in making the dance a success I’m way too nice of a friend. I only had two weeks to learn the dance moves (as well as do homework .-. ), and they were pretty hard to do. >.< So much footwork and synchronization, but in the end, I got it as well as the other members.

Well, today was the day of the dance and performance, and everything went pretty well, aside from a mine and a member’s wardrobe malfunction. ^^’ We were in costume where we all had to wear black vests on top of white shirts. There was a move during the dance that required us to take off our vests and throw them behind us, and we’ve even practiced doing it. I guess I didn’t know my own strength, because when I did mine, I tore the sleeve of my shirt a bit. But it wasn’t as big of a tear as the other member, who had a gaping hole in her sleeve, and was about to fall off. But I didn’t really care about it, and it was sort of funny. 😛

I had some fun today and am very tired so I’m probably going to go to take a nap even though I don’t like naps. But I still have homework to do, so that sucks. ._.